CEO, Brand Strategist and Marketing Consultant for Health & Wellness Brands

I’m an agency owner and technical marketeer who builds digital products and campaigns. I work to serve those who help others. 

I run the Good Marketing Company. A London based agency helping wellness brands market themselves better online. I also consult and create marketing plans that get businesses to move toward their dreams. I do this by optimising sites and automating processes that help them connect with their customers in a meaningful way.


Brand work


A little bit about me...

I am a technical marketer. I have been doing it for 15 years. That means I can make things work and I can get customers to look at them.

I help brands to target customers online and grow their businesses. I do this via website optimisation, (making you look good on Google and to customers) and digital marketing automation – which really means I make your marketing tools talk to all your other business tools.

Contact me if you’d like to connect with your customers to make more money with a free 30-minute confidential consultation.