Sometimes marketers get it wrong…

..Wait Sometimes, marketers can get it all wrong. Is that right? Anyway…

Follow up

So…as a follow up to my previous post about email marketing, sending out moral emails and such drivel, I have received a culprit!

I got an email from an online store called, Shores, which looks something like this:


They were asking me to buy a ladies jacket, at a reduced price, worn by famous fashion blogger, Sinead Crowe:


This concerned me on a few levels. I did not really care that I got the email, they come all the time, as over the years I have signed up to god knows what to figure out how this internet thing works. But what does concern me is that people are sending out irrelevant emails to an audience that does not care. We have the tools to target relevant audiences so why don’t we use them? It’s fairly straightforward.

And in that vain this is how I responded:

Andrew Balerdi <>
To: Shores Today at 12:40

Hi Jess,

Thanks so much for the marketing email about this jacket, however this not relevant to me. I am a marketing professional and have made this kind of costly mistake before, where I have sent the wrong email to the wrong person at the wrong time. And I wish I had had someone to point out where I was going wrong. Remember it only takes one email to make a bad impression.

If I may, I would like to give you some honest and constructive feedback which might help you in the future. Or you can ignore this and say, ‘What a loser,’ and make your self a cup of tea. So here’s the skinny:

a) I am more likely to buy clothes online for myself not as a gift.
b) I am quite un-aware that I had been signed up to your list or even signed up myself (making people aware of this can increase authority and trustworthiness and subscribers are twice as likely to share your email).
c) Did you purchase a list? If so, I wish you luck. Any of the major ESPs, (Email Service Providers) will block you after a period of time if you are using a purchased list. Do you research if you have a purchased list, again nasty territory?
d) Maybe try and personalise your message, at least, ‘Dear Andrew’ as an intro is better than nothing, but I would look into how different ESPs carry out personalisation. There are even packages you addon as plugins to your Magento store that might feed customer, lead data to your ESP.
e) I won’t unsub here just to see if there is any follow up if I click on any of the links and click around the site, to see how you monitor leads. Did you know you can place tracking tags on subscriber emails that can follow customer journeys?
f) Branding: there are a clear direction and youth-oriented branding to your site, which is great, why is this not carried across in your email?

Hopefully, I am not teaching you to suck eggs, and you take this on with the spirit in which it was intended. Only trying to help.

Email me back if you have any more questions, or if you can guess which bits of your site I went to?



My hope was that this goes some way into helping ‘Jess’ at Shores, if that is her real name, to at least pose the questions that her customers might ask. How did I get on this list? Does this matter to me? If there are ‘no’s’ to these questions straight away ‘Jess’ and the team at Shores need to start asking themselves some serious questions.

I will update if I hear back from Jess, but in the meantime, if there are any marketing sins that you would like to share please let me know.


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